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rhodes old town

The island of Rhodes (Rodos), – the largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands – is significant for both its historic and archaeological importance. The heart of the ancient world, a visit the Old Town in the city of Rhodes is to take a look back in time, never more so than on The Street of the Knights leading to the Grand Master’s Palace, which has changed little in centuries.

city of rhodes, new town

The historic and archaeological importance of the Greek island of Rhodes (Rodos) is renown, and to amble through the narrow, meandering streets of the main city’s Old Town, is to take a step back in time. But outside the medieval walls of the Old Town, there is much more to see and experience, the ancient stadium sitting high above the city, Mandraki Harbour where, or so it is claimed, once stood one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Colossus of Rhodes, and a New Town that retains much of the traditional Rhodean charm.

arty farty B******s

For the best part of two decades was gainfully employed in an educational establishment which included a School of Art and throughout that time my peers always regarded me as an uncultured, uneducated Philistine. And why would they be so rude as to condemn me to the everlasting disdain usually reserved for the audience of the Jeremy Kyle Show? My lack of understanding of modern art, of the meaningless crap for which modern day artists are rewarded for believing that things, like flicking a light switch on and off repeatedly, or drowning a sheep in formaldehyde, are art. They’re not. They’re the deranged machinations of scruffy hippies whose only real purpose in life is to take the piss. And boy do they do it well.

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I’m a smoker, an outcast from society destined to spend the rest of my life – some might say that won’t be long if I continue smoking – standing outside in the cold, huddled up against a wall in the vain hope of finding a little protection from the howling wind, driving rain, sleet, snow and anything else God in his anger and frustration with the world might throw at me. I don’t know about the ciggies killing me, I’m more than likely going die from hyperthermia or pneumonia before then. (It’s amazing how we smokers come up with every reason under the sun not to quit. I’m half expecting some eminent doctor to publish a paper insisting that filling your lungs with acrid smoke, nicotine, tar and general gooey stuff is actually good for you… only to find out he’s a smoker.

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