After working in the film and television industry, both in the UK and Australia, I was latterly a lecturer in film and television production at college and university, but my passion has always been writing. Trouble is, no matter how hard I try, I find it hard to stay serious. If I did a re-write of Black Beauty, the titular colt would most likely be replaced by a one legged donkey with alopecia.  It doesn’t quite have the same ring, does it? Or maybe it does, I don’t know.

So, how might I be best described? I would probably say;
a tall, handsome, all-round good guy with a sense of humour. My wife would insist; a stubborn, arrogant and self-opinionated Philistine with no appreciation of anything cultural that isn’t centuries old, like modern art or architecture.

But, at least, she wouldn’t say I was boring.

Books and Tez Talks, humorous and sometimes irreverent opinion on modern art, education and life in general. Yes, I really did once stand in 40-degree heat to see a woman with a tree growing out of her cleavage and go on a date and end up covered of gorilla shit.

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